Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ideas please

Soon it's going to be our second wedding anniversary. Well it feels like much more because B and I had known each other for ages before got married. It was none of the mushy love at first sight .. but after many sights .. and years. But that's a story for another day.

Last year during our anniversary I was really busy at school. It was a week day and after a long day for both of us we didn't have the enthu to even go out. Everyone called very excited about our first anniversary ..and it was such an anticlimax that we were home watching a horror movie and had ordered pizza because neither of us felt like cooking.

After what an absolutely sucky year this has been (well good in a way ..because if we got through THIS ..we can get by most else), I really want to plan a nice weekend away, where we can just be 'normal'. We've also not gone on a break in ages and whatever vacations we have gone for this year have been in big groups (which have been fantastic by the way).

I started thinking this morning and am pretty blank. It needs to be a place we can get to easily since we have just two days and there's no possibility of taking taking leave at that time to make it a long weekend. I was thinking of Swansea, Chester or my eternal favourite Paris, but am not sure what the weather would be like at the end of November. Definitely don't want to go to some place and be stuck indoors. So, ideas please. Oh..and while you're thinking .. any ideas for a nice present for B?


Akkare said...

I say - Paris, Paris, Paris. You can take the eurostar which is so brill and be there is no time. Paris is so romantic whatever time of the year and it wont be as cold as in London.

Grafxgurl said...

Italy.......sigh.. go on gondola Tuscany!! Ireland!!
Get him some really sexy cologne or perfume.......meahaha coz that means you get to smell it!
or.. umm... Books?...electronic stuff?...a little scrap book of all the little favorite keepsakes you had when you were falling in love with him???