Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Round-up

Friday night:
  • Black Dahlia : A dark movie. . and gruesome. Not so nice for a Friday night.
  • Regents Park: Beautiful on a Saturday morning. Bee played tennis and I took loads of pictures - of the place not the tennis. Followed by coffee. Great start to the day.
  • Hampstead Heath: Went with some friends after lunch. Lovely. I loved the unkempt look, quite a contrast to the landscaped Regents Park.
  • Richmond: On an impulse. As we marvelled at Hampstead Heath, these friends wanted to take us to Richmond Park which is supposed to be even more beautiful. Well we didn't go to the park, but did go to a pub by the river. It was high tide, the water came in - picturesque!
  • Walking: With all these park trips we walked and walked and walked
  • Dancing: There was a party at a friends place in the evening, so lots of dancing till wee hours of the morning
  • Shock: Heard the Scissor Sisters version of 'Comfortably Numb'. How can they be allowed to do that to the does not qualify as a song as far as I'm concerned. Its shrill, has techno beats and is anything but comfortably numb. Horrible, horrible. This is Comfotably Numb, this is not !
  • Study, study, study: Finally, after 'faffing' all weekend
  • Break: Coffee in the garden. Can't afford to waste more time
That's it. Weekend over and will be back in 5 days and this time there'll be college friends, aunt, cousins . . everyone visiting London the exact same weekend, talk of timing! Here are some of the weekend pictures on Flickr

Have a good week !!


Beks said...

Your weekend sounds idyllic or rather your Saturday. Lovely to be out of the house the whole day.

I'd meant to comment on your Gujarat post but everything just came out wrong and finally I gave up. It was a good post though, made me think.

John said...

Black Dhalia.. I saw the promo on some channel, now this I gotta watch.

And you say weekend is just 5 days away?? :O Tomorrow's just Tuesday :( Loooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go :((

Anonymous said...

Hope D-Day went according to plan...

Pea said...

[Beks] Saturday was a lot of fun .. very tiring though. However much I live in denial of age catching up.. it is becoming increasingly difficult waking up early after going to sleep at 4am.

[John]Oh well ..weekend is now close enough now! Black Dahlia .. well don't watch it on a Friday really is gruesome!

[Sunrayz] It was nothing of what I expected ..and the interviewer was behind schedule so the whole thing seemed like a 'rapid fire' round . . and he was the type who sat with a stone face giving away no clues to how I was doing. So I though it went ok waiting with bated breath to see if they make an offer. The tension is killing.

30in2005 said...

Saturday sounds exhausting. This is from someone who can and has spent Saturdays not even moving an inch out of bed. You however seem to be out and about and taking in teh British parks and weather and endless walking!!! Good good good.

Thanks for the warning on Black D.

Pea said...

[30in2005] The last of the fast disappearing good weather. Last weekend had some friends over and was walking about the city in horrible drizzle..ugh!