Friday, September 08, 2006


The two dinners we had planned have both got postponed because people are out of town / have guests / work. So after nearly a month of house guests and such..we have an entire weekend with nothing planned. It feels like the lull before the storm (the dinners are postponed to next week and from the weekend after that, till mid Oct we have people staying with us and some even overlapping!). I love people coming over . . really. . but have been secretly wishing for a little teeny weeny free weekend. While its always fun with friends staying here, sometimes it can really sap my energy .. especially at a bad time like this when I'm nearly always on tenter-hooks and it takes everything in me not to blow up in their faces. So for a while, have kinda been wishing for just a s-m-a-l-l break to regain my energy. And here it is .. voila!

Am extremely excited at the prospect of all this free time. Perfectly co-ordinated with the arrival of my order from Amazon of some new books and music. I can also finally visit that creperie on Hampstead Heath that I've heard so much about. .and walk around town, to enjoy the lovely weather before it gets too cold. And for the rest of the while the most hectic activity I plan to have will be solving sudoku (my latest addiction), playing scrabble and reading.


Me said...

Your weekends are busier than the weekdays.. which is WOW!!

Yeh at times a lil break is required. Have fun reading and walking. I hear that the weather over the weekend would be quite nice.

It all fits in. ;)


Anonymous said...

The crepes are a must !! :)2 weeks back when I had the crepes at their Kensington branch...heavenly!
Here is my post on the crepes-

Pea said...

[Me] Weekends are always very busy .. and this one was no different. All my wonderful plans were dashed by just one measly phone call. An old classmate was in town.. so met up with some people from my batch on Sat and Sun got invited to a lunch ...and the rest had gym and other such boring activities

[Sunrayz] After seeing your post and the picture of the yummy crepes .. now feel worse I couldn't go! Shall make up by putting it on my tourist agenda when friends are over end of this month!

Nee said...

Hey there, nice blog!

I've been wanting to try out the creperie too - will make it there one of these days.

Sorry to hear about the job situation - it can be hard. But my experience has been that all you need is that one offer. Then for some reason others follow suit. Take heart!

In the meantime, enjoy the break!


Pea said...

Waiting for that golden offer after which all else shall flow.. or so I hope!