Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Might as well face it, you're addicted to TV

When I started working I didn't have the money to buy a TV. It turned out to be quite a blessing in disguise since it got me back to reading again. I enjoyed it so much that by the time I could afford a TV, I was totally anti television ..well cable TV actually. I was more convinced when for the brief while that I stayed with friends/family, everyone's life seemed to be guided by sas-bahu/bold and the beautiful and such and so forth. Back from office and no one would even talk because of some random moment of suspense on some equally random soap!

My camp is a difficult one to convert people to .. but managed atleast one victory - the husband .. so Bee and I never got a TV and instead splurged on a music system. Everything was hunky dory till we moved to London. The combination of joblessness and ready cable TV at the serviced apartment got me hooked. Like all addictions .. it started with one serial .. and then two ..and suddenly there's a full blown list of 'must watch'. As I feared, I love the mindlessness of swapping through 200 channels ... and am hopelessly hooked!

At first, I refused to admit I was addicted .. till now, when its time to move to our own place. We are finally getting our shipped luggage ..there's going be the music system, the pressure cooker, the 100 glasses, 200 CD's .. but no TV. Have tried to hint to Bee that maybe we should think of buying one... but he's shocked at how much television I watch these days ..and has put his foot down. So as of next week .. for me, there's going to be no more Friends, Fraiser, CSI, 8 Simple Rules or Ally McBeal. On the brighter side, will finally have all my music with me ..and hopefully, soon, a job.

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