Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It's just November, but already feels like the end of the year.

We are going through our annual review process, setting targets for next year, updating work-plans with everyone's vacation plans so that work can be planned better (i.e. find the 'bakra' to dump the work on).

I have started thinking about how this year has 'gone' (.. or nearly so), what I want from next year. More importantly, holiday plans, even the generous 6 weeks in the U.K. seems short for my holiday wish-list.

Winter is here. Oxford street is lit-up. All the Christmas parties at work are being planned. Sales have begun. Shops are over-crowded... and even basic shopping is a pain. I have started making long lists for presents to be bought. New Year's eve discussions have started ... festivities in the air.

.... AND it's nearly time for my trip home!!


Silent One said...

You get 6 weeks of vacation ? Wow
I too am here in the UK but only get 5 weeks, and that extra week makes all the difference, if you ask me.
Have a good trip back home.

Sonal said...

ok...thats just awesome! I don't get any paid vacation and everyone else in US including my husband gets about 2 weeks of vacation! 5 and 6 weeks is too cool!