Thursday, November 08, 2007

Run, Fat Girl, Run

In the last ten years (8 years to be precise) during which I have put on tens of kgs, this is the first time I have made a real attempt at losing weight and more importantly becoming healthy. .. and it has not been easy.

For the first six months of the year, I kept kidding myself into thinking I can do this on my own. .but ten years of indiscipline is difficult to overcome. It took me committing to parting with my hard earned income to a personal trainer ..and many comments by relatives (especially the particularly unhealthy ones who said I was like them!!) that I could even get started. Then was the very slow uphill task of making one small change at a time - stop the cookies in office, oats for breakfast, snacking on fruits (ugh! even now it hardly feels like a snack!) and so on. I am still fundamentally a greedy, unhealthy person but overall I think I'm doing pretty well on the healthy food front.

Sadly, just food control can't do away the damage of all the alcohol and fried food over the years. So the exercise is up. B and I have finally made our peace that morning gym is just not going to happen. Leaving at 7:30 is bad enough. .. nothing can make that 6:30 .. absolutely nothing! So gym is after work .. 4 days a week ..and comes with it's share of hilarious gym experiences, the latest being spin class! There's me, huffing and puffing along next to all these super fit bankers .. seems familiar! Then there was me trying to start running. Some random enthusiasm made my sign-up for the Hydroactive run which Sunrayz was doing. . and then of course I had to try to start running.. even if it was going to be for the first km. One week of trying I realized 200m was more like it and 500m would be good. What did come as a big surprise was that I actually enjoyed jogging .. if I can call it that was more like jog 100m then crawl for the next 100. After the run though enthusiasm was overcome by creaking knees which refused to let me torture it with the force of all my million kilos pounding on it running has been suspended for a bit.

Its all not bad. The clothes are becoming lose. My face looks less like a lunar eclipse and the weight is going down 100 grams at a time. Its not as fast as I'd like it to be but then I need to burn many hundred thousand kcal for all that fat to melt.. which running rather than impatience will achieve. Till then .. it just has to be more of those horrible spin classes and maybe even try those crazy body attack classes just to give those people a laugh.


Southways said...

The results are I'm sure worth it!! (or atleast thats what I keep telling myself)

Sonal said...

Oh, you are so lucky that you actually enjoy jogging! I remember I used to like it .... back when I could still run....and thought oh cool, this is it, my motivation (you know since I already liked it so much)! But wow...I was like a baby elephant trying to keep up and it was soo damn humiliating for me that I just hated it ever since! :(

I try to do anything but run now...not that I look any less of a spectacle doing anything else...but eh, need to start somewhere I guess!

Pea said...

Southways: That they are, especially when suddenly old clothes start fitting again!

Sonal: Well, I am sure ..that I am quite a spectacle for the Spin class, huffing and puffing along...but if it is effective.. who cares.