Monday, November 05, 2007

First Slip

Just two days and I have already slipped once and missed a day of posting. Not good and also the growing doubts about managing a post every-day.

To give some context about why, let me describe the last one month. Busy does not even begin to describe it. I started working on a new project in October. It is hard enough that it is a huge project involving lots of departments, what makes it tougher is that for everything there are big team meetings which slows the whole process. Also, the person leading it is very involved with every tiny decision more delays since nothing can move without him signing it (all very bureaucratic). Add to the woes - people quitting and everyone too busy to help to take on anything additional. So there's all my regular stuff (much less interesting) and this. All this said, its possibly the most I have learnt in the last year.

Net result: Much less sleep. Weekends and late nights working. Lots of stress, dreaming about work (ugh!!) and so on. I also am not being able to demarcate work time and non-work time - so its all blended and much less efficient. Hopefully by the end of this week things will be more under control (I have been hoping this for a few weekends now) and I can atleast salvage the weekend. I realize that I no longer have the enthusiasm I had at 22 when I could work and party and keep repeating the cycle of that without any problem at all.

That's work out of the way. No more on this topic for the rest of the month.


Southways said...

My work life has not changed since I was 22...I just resent the way it overflows into my personal life, the way I never did when I was 22.

Pea said...

Southways: That's so true .. I didn't mind it at all then .. but now I hate my weekends being hijacked by this never ending stream of work.