Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Am back.. happy ..tired and to a messy house

What a wonderful holiday! I totally agree with the apt description by 30in2005 on the difference between a holiday,a break and going to India. This was the first time I have been on a real holiday .. unlike all my earlier long breaks which usually involved staying with friends or travelling on work for 10 days ..even to Goa.

Though we had planned and planned and planned the house work and getting everything sorted before we left, we didn't do a thing. Even the packing was left for last minute and much as I hated it, the house was left in a total mess. Ofcourse all was forgotten during the next ten days in wonderful Egypt. I could'nt have imagined a better holiday. We travelled a lot. Used every mode of transport we came across - cab, metro, 4X4, felucca, horse drawn buggy, long distance train, cruise ship...the list goes on. Thankfully we also got along very well with friends we had gone with.. and spent many fun hours just chatting.

You can expect to be bored by a long multi-part account coming up on details of the trip (accompanied by pictures)..which will be laden with my nostalgia and only useful if you are planning a trip to Egypt, something I highly recommend.

And while I would love to start off right away, I need to clear the frightful mess since the beginning of the warm summer is bringing with it the warmth of guests who arrive day after tomorrow.


Beks said...

waiting to see the pictures!

Mr. J said...

Pics pics pics... !!

Sonal said...

Hey...welcome back!

Looking forward to all the pics and descriptions and yes, from your description, definitely prompted to start planning for a vacation in Egypt! :)

Grafxgurl said...

bored!? HOW i ask!?! NOT!.

I am SO looking forward to travelling again soon.
right now ive done too muchof it and so i shall wait...

but i shall enjoy it through your pictures!

Akkare said...

hey sounds great. please post pictures soon.