Sunday, March 18, 2007


Pester power works! I didn't really believe I could convince B into buying me the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. While I had fallen in love with this version the day I saw it in the book-store two years ago, there didn't seem a strong enough case for it since over the years I had collected nearly all the individual books. I nearly beat up B for once suggesting that I could give away my existing collection and get this.. ofcourse not..those cannot go anywhere. They include the first one which I bought a long long time back when I went to the shop for an entire month and stared at it trying to overcome the temptation of spending 500 rupees on a comic book (that was my mothers version!). Finally the two years of nagging, tears, celebration gave way to B ordering the book from Amazon. (Was quite happy at my little victory ..since my parents seemed to be made of stone when it came to pester power and I never believed it actually worked).

Finally it arrived. I kept staring at it not believing it is really there. It now sits on the bookshelf where my earlier Calvin's were. And the entire old collection has come to the bedroom. B still cannot believe that we have two sets of the same 'comics' in our tiny flat. But its quite useful .. since the new collection is really heavy, the old individual ones are handy to take on a holiday or read in bed. Its all worked out.


Mr. J said...

Can I borrow it?? :D

Mr. J said...

Forgot to add this..


Risha said...

wow.....congrats...can i borrow it too plllllllllease!!

Me said...

Lovely...those are the best gifts - the ones got by pester power.