Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend once more

I have a serious lack of time and ideas.

Just finished clearing up the house from the storm of hosting some friends for lunch. The pile of dishes to be washed looks too tormenting.. so am taking a break to keep up the daily posting promise ..and recharge my batteries.

Once again, its a weekend with a huge dearth of sleep. Whenever I invite someone for lunch, the previous night gets stretched to sleeping at dawn and my cooking for lunch memories are a feeling of being hungover .. due to tremendous lack of sleep ..and a fair bit of alcohol. This happens .. always! So how could yesterday be an exception. There was an impromptu get together at a friends place at midnight. Obviously, when you meet at midnight go home not before 4am. . and after that we had to be up by 9am to cook ..since Ms Super Planner Me had not cooked in advance.

Well, lunch turned out ok. Also realized that our house is not a very baby friendly place. These friends who had come have a 1.5 year old son. After he arrives and starts his Magellanic expeditions it strikes me that not only is most of our living room done up in cream ..we also have an inordinate amount of knick knacks all over the floor and other low lying levels. (Can't stop laughing when I think of them going to a common friends place whose whole house is spotless white. Evil chuckles!) Thankfully, this was one of the best behaved boys I've met.. he didn't have destructive tendencies. We didn't need to shift a thing becuase when his parents told him not to pull at something.. he actually listened. Though there were moments when his hand was poised an inch above the cream sofa with a black permanent marker and I would give an involuntary shriek. All is well and they left with no destruction.. though he left all the stationary from my table, all over the house. I have no energy left now to put things back in the right place. Given that another 2 year old is coming tomorrow, the lazy side of me (that's most of me) is thinking that I'll just clear up after she leaves so everything is set at one go.

Well turns out even when I have nothing to say I can ramble. . and however much I'd like to continue rambling.. must go and clean those dishes and start cooking once again .. for tomorrow is another day and another dinner.


Beks said...

When I know kids are coming over I just strip my house of all knick knacks and then forget to put them back for ages:D

30in2005 said...

Maybe the next kid WILL pick up all the stationary and put it back in its original place! How cool would that be. My new home (and sometimes me, especially with non-discipling parents) is so child unfriendly that sometimes it scares me....

Akkare said...

I had a shock when we had our first toddler visit. But I was surprisingly calm....until they left!
P.S.If it is any comfort I do read and enjoy your ramblings everyday. Just dont have time to comment.

Foodie's Hope said...

I feel ya, but fortunately my kids are not toddlers anymore.It's another kind chaos with video games and DVDs thrown all over:))

Me too, got to get up and cook now!See ya later!

Pea said...

[Beks] This was the first kid visiting.. didn't really strike me that he could be pulling at things.

[30in2005] Since its dinner.. hopefully this one will just sleep it through. Will also give people a chance to have a conversation. Somehow with a kid around there's waay tooo much kid talk that tends to happen.

[Akkare] "I do read and enjoy your ramblings everyday" ... oh thank you ..thank. Because this daily posting is really taking its toll.

[Foodie's Hope] Older kids are a whole different ball game!