Friday, November 17, 2006

Making of the houswife

The many months of not working is taking its toll in small ways. I just realised I'm becoming either a housewife or a retired person. Well ..since retirement is still some time away ..housewife it is. So here's how I realise it.

A few days back Tesco's sent some coupons out with the club card statement. To begin with, I a-l-w-a-y-s carry the club card to get those teeny tiny points which are a miniscule percentage of what your spend in exchange of valuable insights into your shopping habits. Anyway, so the statement arrives and first I inspect it to ensure that all my points have been dutifully recorded and not even one-tenth of a decimal point has been lost. Then I carefully read the accompanying literature gain more 'information' on what items are on sale. After this,
with immense glee , I discover the coupons .. immediately making notes of when I'll use what to get 'double' points. And finally I keep the coupons safely on the refrigerator so that I do not forget them the next time I go shopping.

This is the point marketing class starts flashing in front of my eyes. Coupons being a common tool for price discrimination ..and blah blah blah .. and ... the target audience often being housewives and retired people who might be typically more price conscious ..and also have the time to compare prices across stores.

That sounds familiar .. I have found out that if you have a res card you can get discounts on films from the council library ..and that anyway you can borrow the latest films from the council library at half the price compared to the big commercial chains. And now I must go ..because there is the shiny 50 page pdf file that beckons with all the discounts I can get with my new res card.

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John said...

Look at all the money you gonna save with the coupons.. Wow!!