Friday, September 15, 2006

Its show time folks

Nice comfortable clothes traded in for the costume.
The make up put on .. not too little .. not too much (hopefully).
The lines being rehearsed last minute.
Butterflies in the tummy, wondering how the audience will react.
Will I convincing enough in the role?
Will they like the performance? Maybe even recommend it to others?
Fingers crossed.

Fifteen minutes to leave for the interview. . and instead of biting my nails off (half are already gone) thought I'd turn to my blog for comfort. Suit donned, shirt ironed, hair neatly tied, uncomfortable high-heels worn (to-look-taller-and- get-confidence), cell phone on silent, directions and details taken - check! Have an interview this afternoon and another one on Monday. Am really counting on the Monday one. .Its a good company, good role and a lot of future potential ... am praying hard. Please say a little prayer for me. I need all the luck in the world.


Mr. J said...

Perhaps a bit too late to wish you the very best.. but well, just rip the interviewer apart. And all the very best for the one on Monday.

And well, if you looking for some food for thought, you could check this out and now i'm working for this very damn company.

Bottomline, give it your best shot, if the job is right, it'll come knocking on your door.


Anonymous said...

All the very best for the Monday interview!! May the force be with you :) Fingers are crossed in anticipation of your success.
- Sunrayz

Nee said...

Hey Pea,

Hope I'm in time at least for the one today! Wishing you lotsa luck! Keep us posted...


30in2005 said...

All teh very best - waiting to hear how it all went!

Beks said...

Hey! Lots of luck! Keep us posted:)

Mr. J said...

So??? How did it go?

Pea said...

Me, Sunrayz, Nee, 30in2005, Beks

Thanks for all the good wishes.

The update - The friday interview went well. After a a lot of cramming on a new industry, yesterday had two interviews (for the first round). The first went well. The second was a lady who got me very very nervous.. and I mumbled some answers, some were ok, some were too vague and there was a case where my mind totally numbed out and I messed up the calculations .. and managed to answer the other questions. Am terribly scared..doubt they'll take it further.. but hoping if I want it really bad maybe the good thoughts will translate into luck in getting my to the next round. For now, can't sleep at night!

Mr. J said...

Huh!! Where did my previous comment go.. damn this beta blogger. :(